T-he Con

Today I received a letter from T-Com/T-Online. Didn’t have anything to do with them for 2 years. All the letter said was “we received your message” and “we are processing it and will get back to you”. That left me somewhat puzzled, I didn’t order anything (nor send a message of any kind) and if they were doing something, why weren’t they telling WHAT in the letter?!?

So I had no real choice, I had to call them, maybe someone ordered something on my name, and I would be charged for it later on. That is a very logical conclusion everyone has to make, after reading such an otherwise cryptic letter.

Their hotline informed me, that the call would be recorded, when not choosing against it. I, of course, declined. Record yourselves if you like it that much. I started explaining to the hotline-person, that I received this strange letter and wanted to know what it really was about. She told me, that I accepted to receive info-letters on April 01 2005 (uhm, okay) and that T-Online sent therefore THIS info letter to me, but since they don’t have any new products to advertise, they send those letters/”Musterbriefe” (without any information whatsoever) instead! I admit I was speechless for a second… WTF?!?

Without telling her that this was THE most stupid thing I’d heard for quite some time, I asked her to delete me from the list of people who are “informed” with such letters. I guess I can do without them just as good.

Now I wonder how many people give the T-Online Hotline a call because of these letters (assuming they were just as confused as I was by this thing) and how much moolah that makes multiplied. A “side-effect” the company can live with, I guess (again).


  1. Just for myself:

    Saw this:


    so they are sending the identical messages for at least 2 years, this is from 2005…

    As I’m progressing, it seems they use the identical text for every possible situation/IN every possible situation…


    Solely for the sake of indexing:

    vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

    Ihre Anfrage werden wir umgehend für Sie prüfen und uns dann wieder mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen. Aufgrund des verstärkten Interesses an unseren Produkten und Tarifen wird die abschließende Bearbeitung jedoch einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen.
    Wir bitten Sie um Ihr Verständnis.

    The text I’m talking about.^^


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