Destroy Death Star II

At first I was searching HOW, it could be destroyed (in Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption – Galactic Conquest). It’s actually pretty easy. After winning the fight and destroying the accompanying fleet, move in IG 88 (the droid), he can “hack” the Death Star II (drag him to the same spot where options like spread corruption/sabotage… etc. come available; there is evidently also a book where he does that – one of the many spots in EaW, where events from the books are used, that’s one of the things I like about this game – although I still have to read this book…), after which it will explode, taking everything (the planet, IG 88) with it. It (IG hacking DS II) costs more than 30.000 credits too, so there’s another downside. The DS II is removed from the game and so is IG 88. It’s the only time (I know of) a major hero is really permanently gone without “regeneration”.

There is still some speculation floating around, concerning the Executor being in GC, time to find that out. :) And the Alliance now has Yoda as a hero unit, already met him once in battle. :D


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