Freelancer: The Next Generation MOD

Being (still) the best game in its genre, Freelancer gives almost endless gaming fun. Okay I know, bars and stuff are pretty lame – but space is absolutely stunning and that’s what counts.

Having the story finished and also flying around for quite some… time? Maybe now it’s a good moment to try one of the fan-mods available!

Mostly they expand the known universe with new stuff, such as systems, equipment, ships… For me it was a good reason to install FL again.

The MOD I’m talking about is called TNG, it offers the following features:

  • Over 75 new ships added to the Freelancer Universe.
  • Over 500 new pieces of equipment (Weapons, shields, engines, thrusters, upgrades, and more!).
  • Over 20 new commodities for you to buy and sell.
  • Over 40 new music tracks for systems, bars, and intros.
  • Over 45 new sounds for various equipment & weapons.
  • 1 buyable battle station for players (Used to be 3).

This is but a taste of the TNG expansion – full list here.

1.1 Patch already included. So just install and then “mod on”.


  1. svet

    It`s great game!


  2. kevin

    havent played it yet


  3. Paidmailer

    about to dig up FL again, this mod im gonna try first!


  4. But humans do not just make one-bit discriminations between pairs of phonemes. ,


  5. I am completely camouflaged and deeply moved. ,


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